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Comprehensive laboratory tests will be performed by acknowledged specialist labs quickly and precisely. These include:

  • General clinical-chemical blood tests
  • Analysis of coagulation parameters
  • Morphological-cytological tumor diagnostics / tissue samples
  • Specialized oncological and hematological diagnostics (see personalized cancer diagnostics)
  • Circulating tumor cell count (CTCs)
  • Sensitivity test to chemotherapeutic agents (chemo response assay). After isolation of CTCs in a liquid biopsy, the cancer cells of each patient will be tested individually on how they will respond to certain substances. This enables us to determine the optimal therapy for each patient.
  • Immune system analysis
  • Blood tests for micro nutrients, hormones, heavy metals
  • Salivary neuro stress tests
  • Stool analysis: intestinal flora, digestive stool analysis, pancreatic enzymes, bile flow, fungi, parasites, worms, inflammation parameters, and much more