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4th December 2021

Adding single type of bacteria to gut microbiome boosted anti-tumor immunity in mice — ScienceDaily

A bacterium common in the mouse gut microbiome can charge up the immune system to fight cancer cells in the colon, researchers from the University of […]
4th December 2021

Immune system-stimulating nanoparticle could lead to more powerful vaccines — ScienceDaily

A common strategy to make vaccines more powerful is to deliver them along with an adjuvant — a compound that stimulates the immune system to produce […]
3rd December 2021

Unsung gene is key to how antibodies develop, study finds — ScienceDaily

Researchers at the University of Toronto have discovered that an overlooked gene plays a major role in the development of antibodies, which help the immune system […]
3rd December 2021

New findings on bacteria that increase risk of pancreatic cancer — ScienceDaily

Bacteria from the digestive system seem to have the potential to cause damage to pancreatic cells, increasing the risk of malignant tumours. Now for the first […]