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WILLIAMS, Bleddyn Arthur 15.05.2019

I first consulted with Dr. Kopic in 2013 following my diagnosis with stage II esophageal cancer with lymph node involvement. In U.K. the prognosis for this cancer is poor, with only 8% of patients surviving 5 years after diagnosis. Dr. Kopic was able to refer me for an operation. That was not available in the U.K. My surgery in Munich was complete success. This together with the subsequent treatment provided by Dr. Kopic means that I have remained cancer free for 6 years and enjoying a very good quality of life. It is my firm belief that Dr. Kopic´s intervention saved my life. I continue to use his excellent facilities in Stuttgart as a preventative measure, undergoing regular checks and treatment delivered by Drs. Asir and Emina Kopic, and their wonderfully attentive team. The treatment plan is highly personalized with great attention detail, providing a range of therapies not available in the U.K. Words cannot truly express the gratitude felt by myself and my family for the devoted service provided by this deeply compassionate husband and wife team.

A.N. 08.05.2019

I came to Dr. Kopic in 2016 after I lost hope in finding a treatment to my recurring aggressive lymphoma after Autologous bone marrow transplant. Well known medical institutions in France, UK and USA basically said that I did exhaust all the possible options for treatment after I had all the traditional chemotherapy and the only thing that may work is the Allogeneic bone marrow transplant which I knew that my body will not be able to take it. Once Dr. Kopic checked my case he provided with multiple solutions and approaches to treat my case. Most important, and unlike most of the oncologists I have dealt with before, Dr. Kopic is a kind human before being a doctor. He has a very unique approach in dealing with me and all other patients. He understands our fears/worries and connects with us at personal level. Dr. Kopic spent a considerable amount of time to understand my medical history and make all the detailed checks and testes to be able to choose the best possible treatment for me without rushing to conclusions. He also spent a lot of time with me to explain each and every step of the process and he is always so patient in providing detailed explanations. This approach gives a lot of comfort to me. Based on the comprehensive diagnosis process, Dr. Kopic treatment approach was a combination of immunotherapy and personalized multimodality treatment.    The holistic approach the Dr. Kopic’s clinic provides proofed to be very efficient for me. They take care of my mental and psychological health, diet, … I am now in remission for almost two years and still making regular visits to Dr. Kopic for checkups and for support treatment to build up my immune system. Being in contact with the doctor for any emergent situation is quite important for me. I can contact Dr. Kopic at any time and he provides very timely advices. This is something I highly appreciate.   The clinic itself is like a home. The treatment room is like a house living room and all patients have the chance to connect and communicate together like a family. I met people from all over the world and we became close friends.      The support team and nurse are very supportive and helpful. They handle everything with a lot of care and love. I feel like my family is taking care of me.

K.Y. 30.04.2019

I am a Multiple Myeloma patient in Dr. Asir Kopic Clinc in Degerloch (Stuttgart). I started my treatment in this clinic in the beginning of 2015 as outpatient. I am continuing my treatment in this clinic till now with good progress. I was receiving a fantastic medical care and an excellent response for all my medical and private needs. I strongly recommend Dr. Kopic and Dr. Emina for all my friend, with oncological disease. Good luck for Dr. Kopic and Dr. Emina and all their supporting staff.

A.S. 16.04.2019

I am very happy that I met Dr. A. Kopic and Dr. Emina. Coming here and taking all the vitamins helped me a lot and made me stronger. They are professional, friendly and make you feel safe.

S. M 17.04.2019.

I was diagnosed on January 2017 with breast-cancer with liver-metastases. Science one year I am in remission. Mashallah. I really think Dr. Kopic an Dr. Emina and the staff are excellent, on the medical and the humanity side. The service they give is not available even in the USA. It makes it easier and more comfortable for cancer patients. They have alternative therapy with chemo, that makes it possible for patient to live normal life. They have all the new up to date with new technology for the disease – up to date with medical field and research. Thank you so much for your knowledge and kindness.

ALGHANIM, Fouad 16.04.2019

My name is FOUAD M.T. ALGHANIM, I was diagnosed with C.L.L. in 2010 and went immediately to MD Anderson in Houston (USA) and met Prof. Kantarjian head of Leukemia, who confirmed my diagnosis with C.L.L. but told me that it was a mild type and I should not worry as he had patient similar to my type that have had it for the last 15 years. I told him I am worried and if there is cure for it and he said they don ́t have a cure yet. I then went to Paris and London, both told me they have no cure. Then I was referred to Dr. Kopic who started me with immunotherapy and Imbruvika which frankly made a big change. Today my Leukocytes came down from nearly 200.000 to 28.000. The treatment is superb and the both Drs. Kopic are fantastic doctors, that feels like family NOW! I wish that all leukemia patients would realize the importance of coming to this clinic. My best wishes for Dr. Kopic and his wife. Dr. Emina was very knowledge and helpful to my wife and daughter on their complaints.  

A.S.A. 15.04.2019

Before arriving in this clinic, I've been to a prestigious hospital in Amerika and was diagnosed with tongue cancer and been treated. But unfortunately, I felt like I become worst and worst every day. And then someone introduced this clinic for us. I arrived with extreme pain and beg the doctor to ease the pain and in just an hour the pain was gone. And I started visiting this clinic right after that. I am now almost three years cancer free and still visiting this clinic. Aside from the good treatment that I received medically, the treatment from good staff as will make you feel good. The doctors are excellent and are very approachable as well as the nurses. They are all friendly. I highly recommend this clinic to everyone who has the same condition as mine.